International Finance Centre (IFC)

skyscrapers International Finance Centre (IFC)
The IFC consists of:
– Two skyscrapers: the 88-storey 2-IFC tower (416m) and 39-storey 1-IFC tower(220m)
– IFC shopping mall (200 international brands and an unique cinema)
– 45-story Four Seasons Hotel (2 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars)
The 2-IFC tower is the second tallest building in Hong Kong after the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon.

international commerce centre
International Commerce Centre, Kowloon (484m)
The 118-storey International Commerce Centre is the tallest building (484m) yet in Hong Kong. The tower is built on top of Kowloon Station. In the basement is a large shopping mall. On top of the tower is the luxury Ritz Carlton Hotel (102nd floor to the 118th floor).

central plaza hong kong
The 78-storey Central Plaza is the third largest skyscraper in Hong Kong (374m). The tower is in Wan Chai district. The building on the waterfront – the one with the remarkable roof – is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Opposite the exhibition centre (but not on the picture) is the Wan Chai Star Ferry terminal.

sckyscrapers in hong kong
View on Central District from the Peak. On the background, the International Commerce Centre (484m) in Kowloon.