Hong Kong Train

The railway network is operated by MTR (Mass Transit Railway)
– Metro lines
– Light rail: 12 routes to suburbs
– Airport Express
– Disneyland Resort Line
– Trains to Lo Wu (Shenzhen)

MTR (underground and light rail)

MTR Tickets can be purchased from ticket vending machines in all stations or online. A Tourist Day Pass is valid for 24 hours. The Airport Express and MTR bus are not included in this day pass. If you buy an >Octopus smart card you can add value on your smartcard. The Octopus card can be used for all kinds of transportation in Hong Kong, in retail shops, parking and leisure facilities.

Airport Express

The Airport Express runs daily from 05.50 to 00.48 to downtown Hong Kong and AsiaWorld-Expo. The journey takes 24 minutes to Central District and 28 minutes to the expo. A standard round trip ticket from Hong Kong to the airport cost HKD 160/180. A same day return ticket/single journey is HKD100. An Airport Express Travel Pass cost HKD250(1 Ride) or HKD350(2 Rides. The pass is including unlimited travel with the underground and light rail in the city center. If you return the pass you will get a refund of HKD50. You also can keep the pass as a souvenir.

Train Hong Kong -> Guangzhou

From Hung Hom Station (in Kowloon District) to Guangzhou East depart daily 12 through trains. Travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes. Fare First Class is HKD210; Premium Class is available in three trains and cost HKD230.

Train Hong Kong – Lo Wu

Daily, many trains depart from Hung Hom Station to Lo Wu (at least 5 trains every hour). At Lo Wu the border with mainland China will be crossed. Visitors need a valid visa for China. Ticket second class cost HKD33, first class is HKD66. Travel time is 43 minutes. First train to Lo Wu departs 5.30, the last train from Hong Kong to Lo Wu departs at 23.07. At night there are no trains to Lo Wu because the border is closed.

Train to Beijing and Shanghai

From Hung Hom to Beijing and Shanghai depart trains every other day. Travel time to Beijing is allmost 23.5 hours and to Shanghai 18.5 hours. It is strongly recommended to book in time for this journey.